Is that your real name?
Why do you show your pricing on your site?
Do you do this full time?
Do you really have a day dedicated to you?
Do you have any time limits when you shoot a wedding?
How many pictures will we get?
Will our images be edited?
How soon should we book with you?
How long have you been shooting weddings?
What do you charge for actual prints?
Will we get the copyright to the photos?
How much do you charge for travel?
What is your payment policy?
Do you have insurance?
What is malpractice insurance for photographers?
What type of payments do you accept?
What is Trash the Dress?
Will we see any pictures the day of the wedding?
Do you work with a second shooter?
When will we get our images?
What will the album be like?

What’s a typical schedule for my wedding day?

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