In 2014 Dax decided to move to Houston Texas to follow his beloved bride to be Jennifer.  As one of the Pacific Northwest’s best wedding photographers he can’t wait to start this new chapter in his life and looks forward to working with countless Texas brides and grooms!

Dax grew up in the northwest, where he graduated from the University of Montana with degrees in Human Biology and Fine Art Photography.

Dax has utilized his natural talent behind the lens and background in science to become one of the most sought after photographers in the northwest and around the world.  He has been awarded a multitude of fine art solo and group exhibitions throughout the country and shot countless weddings and portraits through the years.

In 2000, he received the Geoff Pitchford Art Achievement Award.  In 2002-3, he accepted a position to teach photography for the University of Montana Experimental College.  In 2003, he was up for a Guggenheim Fellowship and named one of the 50 best fine art photographers in the world.  In 2011 he was voted both Missoula’s Best Photographer AND Missoula’s Best Artist.

Today, he continues to pursue his passion for photography by shooting weddings and portraits full time.  Simply put…if you want photos of your event from one of the best photographers in world…book him today because you won’t be disappointed.

Dax’s main focus today is working with brides and grooms to create breathtaking wedding photography.  Dax was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and also went to school at the University of Montana for fine art photography.  His gift for capturing the moment and passion for creating award winning wedding photographs started in 1998 when he shot his first wedding.
Since then many things have changed and with every subsequent wedding he shoots comes a new batch of exquisite wedding photos that delight brides and grooms around the globe.  His wedding photography has been in numerous publications and has won many awards.  Despite the accolades Dax is best known for his mastery of light.  His photographs are always luminous with vibrant colors and heartfelt emotion.  Quite simply Dax’s wedding photos are works of art in themselves.  It’s no wonder that year in and year out he is fully booked and loves being a wedding photographer.
Dax provides a unique wedding photography experience.  Through the years he’s gained a wealth of knowledge about everything wedding related and on the day of your wedding you have unlimited access to it!  He helps out where ever he can and has stepped in on numerous occasions to help save the day!  When needed he’s done hair, makeup, flowers, laced dresses, etc, etc.  He’s done it all when it comes to weddings and if he sees things go wrong he will do everything in his power to fix it (many times without the bride even knowing).  You could say he’s also by default a wedding coordinator/personal assistant…bottom line whatever you need the day of your wedding he’ll do everything he can to make it happen.  He’ll work with you to help plan your schedules.  He also brings a full wedding emergency kit and even a commercial grade steamer to each wedding.  If you hire him to shoot your wedding rest assured he will do everything he can to make sure you look beautiful and your day goes off perfectly.

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